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Date LocationEvent TypeDetails
13/03/2018Web Seminar Webinar Altair 网络研讨会系列:Compose科学计算及相关CAE应用
22/03/2018哈尔滨新巴黎大酒店 哈尔滨市南岗区中山路177号 Altair Event Altair 2018科研创新研讨会
19/04/2018广东 Altair Event Altair新能源汽车CAE技术研讨会
23/04/2018-27/04/2018Hannover Industry Event Hannover Messe
24/04/201824 April, 2018 | Courtyard Marriot, DB City, Arera Hills, Bhopal Industry Event Leverage the POWER and Versatility of FLUX
24/04/2018成都绿洲大酒店(成都市青羊区忠烈祠西街99号) Altair Event 基于优化设计的金属材料成型过程仿真技术研讨会
25/04/201813:30-14:00 ウェブ Webinar FieldView Expressウェブセミナー
25/04/2018The Westin Pune Koregaon Park, Pune Industry Event Leverage the POWER and Versatility of FLUX and FLUX MOTOR
26/04/201826 April, 2018 | Vivanta by Taj - Coimbatore Industry Event Leverage the POWER and Versatility of FLUX and FLUX MOTOR
26/04/201826 April, 2018 | Vivanta by Taj - Coimbatore Industry Event Leverage the POWER and Versatility of FLUX and FLUX MOTOR
26/04/2018 Time: 15:00 to 18:00 hrs | Kinfra Hi-Tech Park, Kalamassery, Kerala Altair Event Altair Technology Day : Simulation Driven Innovation
27/04/201827 April, 2018 | Radisson Blu/Park Plaza, Marathahalli, Bangalore Altair Event Enabling Accelerated Development of Electric Vehicles - Bangalore
27/04/2018ウェブ 13:30~ Webinar 最適化技術を建設現場へ(ウェビナーシリーズ#04)Optimization-driven Design- Inspireの最適化が導く設計プロセス
8/05/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Are You Using The ‘Best’ Materials in Your Simulations?
8/05/201812:30 CEST / 4pm IST Webinar FEKO Webinar: Design of a Two Port Dual-Polarized Trefoil Torus Knot Antenna using Characteristic Mode Analysis (FEKO 2017 Student Competition Runner-up)
15/05/201810:00 CEST / 4PM CST Webinar FEKO Webinar: Wideband MIMO Handset Antennas Based on Theory of Characteristic Modes
15/05/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Internal Combustion Engine Simulation Work-Flow Using LOGEsoft Suite
16/05/2018-19/05/2018成都 Industry Event Altair将携全面的电磁解决方案再次亮相全国微波毫米波会议(中国微波年会)
22/05/2018横浜商工会議所 9Fシンポジア Industry Event FMI FORUM 2018(講演)
22/05/201810:00 am EST Webinar Performing Virtual Operator-In-The-Loop Evaluations at the Earliest Stages of Cab Design
23/05/2018-25/05/2018パシフィコ横浜・展示ホール Industry Event 人とくるまのテクノロジー展2018 横浜(出展)
30/05/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Motorsport to Automotive - Crossing the thought barrier. Using ChassisSim solve your vehicle dynamics problems quickly. (1PM CET)
30/05/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Motorsport to Automotive: Using ChassisSim to Design an Electric Drive Train for Automotive Use
31/05/2018ウェブ 13:30~ Webinar [ウェビナー]設計方法の効率化で、自動車エンジンの効率化を(シリーズ#05)Optimization-driven Design - Inspireの最適化が導く設計プロセス
5/06/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Visualization, Quantification of Metal Flow Lines and Its Application to Process Design Optimization
19/06/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Optimizing Your CAD Geometry with CADdoctor’s Various Enveloping Functionalities
19/06/2018ウェブ 13:30- Webinar より広範囲で正確な電磁波障害対策のための高周波電磁界解析事例のウェブセミナー
21/06/2018ウェブ 13:30- Webinar より高性能なモータ開発のための低周波電磁場解析事例のウェブセミナー
22/06/2018TKP京橋(京橋エドグラン22F) Altair Event ATCx CAEクラウド ~ 身近になったクラウド利用 ~
22/06/2018京橋エドグラン (東京) Altair Event ATCx 制御と1D/3Dシステムシミュレーション
29/06/2018つるやホール本館(大阪) Altair Event ATCx 電機製品ソリューション(大阪)
6/07/2018コングレスクエア日本橋(東京) Altair Event ATCx 電機製品ソリューション(東京)
13/07/2018コングレスクエア日本橋(東京) Altair Event ATCx e-モビリティ
8/08/2018-9/08/2018アクロス福岡 Altair Event ATCx 造船技術セミナー
25/09/201810:00 am EST Webinar Workflow Improvements in nanoFluidX 2018
2/10/2018-5/10/2018東京ビッグサイト東ホール 東1-東6 Industry Event 2018東京国際包装展(出展、講演)
26/10/201810:00 am EDT Webinar Vulnerable Road Users: MADYMO Coupling for Pedestrian Protection and Euro NCAP TB024
14/12/20189AM EST Webinar Webinar: Realizing the Digital Twin